New Boss products

25 January 2017

Almost every guitarist owns at least one stompbox by Boss. Their famous compact pedals were introduced in 1977, so the compact pedal range celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. To commemorate this special occasion, Boss presents a limited edition of the ever-popular DS-1 Distortion: the DS-1-4-A. This stompbox will only be available in 2017.

The DS-1 is the best-selling compact Boss pedal and it has always been orange, but the limited 40th Anniversary DS-1 is black with gold lettering and it has a vintage silver thumbscrew for the battery compartment.

Acoustic Singer amplifiers

At the 2017 Winter NAMM, Boss also introduced two new acoustic amps: the Acoustic Singer Live and the Acoustic Singer Pro. These amps have independent channels for electro-acoustic guitar and vocals, both with a 3-band EQ and reverb. The guitar channel features Acoustic Resonance technology, which restores the natural tone of guitars that have piezo pickups. Apart from reverb, the guitar channel has a chorus effect while the microphone channel has delay/echo and a Harmony function that can create smooth and accurate vocal harmonies using the guitar signal.

Boss acoustic singer namm

The mic channel on the Acoustic Singer amps offers phantom power and it has an XLR/jack combi input. There’s also a built-in looper, feedback controls on each channel and two XLR DI outputs that you can assign to an individual channel or use for both channels mixed together (directly or post-effects). The amps are also equipped with a USB-output for direct recording into a computer. The Acoustic Singer Live is a 60-Watt bi-amp design with a custom 6,5″ speaker and a dome tweeter, while the Acoustic Singer Pro is 120 Watts with an 8″ custom speaker and a dome tweeter.

EV-30 Expression Pedal

The EV-30 is a brand new expression pedal by Boss, designed for controlling parameters on devices with 1/4″ jack expression inputs. The durable enclosure is made of die-cast aluminium and the internal mechanism offers accurate control and smooth action. There are two expression outputs, so you can control two different effects if you wish. The Boss EV-30 features a polarity switch and you can also use it with the new Acoustic Singer amps, to control functions like the built-in looper, the harmony function and the effects.