Eastman announces new instruments

27 January 2017

This year at NAMM there was a lot of interesting news from these skilled builders. Artists, dealers, press, everyone loved the new instruments (even fellow manufacturers).

The introduction of the SB59,the extended Antique series, the PCH entry level flat tops & the first Nylon Strings drew many to the Eastman booth.

Soldibody SB59

Eastman’s first solid body guitar is truly something new, with Eastman’s signature written all over it. Antiqued and varnished in Eastman’s orchestral strings shop, the SB59/v has the look, feel, and tone, of a 58-year-old guitar.

Eastman single

Eastman also offers a gloss version of the SB59 finished in nitro cellulose. Both solid body models feature a hand-carved solid flamed maple top, on a solid mahogany body. The Gotoh hardware and Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers on the SB59/v and Seymour Duncan ’59 humbuckers on the SB59 complete one of the hardest rocking instruments to date.

Antique Series

The phrase “new antique” might sound like a contradiction — but not when it applies to Eastman’s Varnish Antique Series. This line of guitars is built on a mix of time-honored craft and ahead-of-the-curve thinking utilizing classic technique with a decidedly fresh approach. And yes, it all starts with the finish.

Eastman violins have always been distinguished by their consistently rich hue varnish that is matched by an equally rich tone. This unique, even Stradavarius-like quality is the result of a proprietary process rooted in a tradition going back to the 16th century during the Golden Age of violin making. And now Eastman is bringing that time-tested, violin-oriented process to the world of guitars.

Eastman varnish

No doubt a few existing guitars can lay claim to truly special finishing work. But such models tend to be collectibles, reserved exclusively for upmarket buyers who treasure the handmade attention to detail. The Varnish Antique Series is designed to make such a rare and labor-intensive feature more available to guitar enthusiasts, with the proof in the distinctive look and sound.

Pacific Coast Highway Series

Eastman announced a entry level flattop series. Starting at €299 and with built-in pickup for €349, we think these guitars will appeal to many.