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About Max Guitar

Visit our stores in The Hague – Scheveningen haven (Harbour district), Utrecht, and Venlo (close to Germany). We have an extensive collection of great new & used guitars, effect pedals, tube amplifiers and accessories.

You will experience that we take the time and enjoy sharing our know-how. You can relax at our stores and take all the time you need to test and compare products in order to find out what you really need and determine your choice. Max Guitar is the leading authority in the Benelux for high end guitars and all guitar related issues. At all our locations we have highly skilled personnel with in-depth knowledge of our field. The atmosphere is pleasant and the coffee and sandwiches at Max Café are the best! We have a fully equipped guitar repair and customizing department with several skilled luthiers ready to go and can also facilitate guitar amplifier repairs. Whether it is a set of strings, an upgrade for your guitar, a boutique effect or amp, a Fender or a Gibson- or  a fender Custom Shop guitar, we take pleasure in offering you the best service available. We are committed to serve both the professional musician as well as the aspiring guitarist, who know what they want and show us the courtesy to choose our stores.

Our primary motivation is our love for guitars. All employees of Max Guitar are guitarists and audiophiles. Five orf our staffmembers are skilled luthiers. We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our tools of the trade and equipment. We bring you the best, the unusual, the unique and all the innovative products that are made with love and sustainability rather than just for short-term profit. We only represent the brands and products that we are sure you will enjoy for years to come. Max Guitar offers the perfect combination of knowledge, expertise, service, a pleasant atmosphere and a carefully chosen collection of new and used guitars and guitar related products that really matter! At Max Guitar we totally understand that guitarists are always looking for that one specific sound, that one particular instrument and associated equipment which gives them the freedom to express themselves without having to think too much about boring details. We can help and we are here to please you!

10 reasons to buy at Max!

  1. Biggest Guitarstore in the Benelux Countries with a unique collection.
  2. ‘One Stop Guitar shop’ we have a huge stock and a very complete web store.
  3. Fast and reliable UPS shipping service.
  4. One on one personal service by qualified and knowledgeable personnel.
  5. Star Studded store: A long list of satisfied celebrity customers and users.
  6. Lower your spending with our Trade-in option for your current or old gear.
  7. Guitar setup? ? Our on-site guitar repair and service department. Always ready for action!
  8. We fix your amp! One of the best amp service departments in the Benelux.
  9. Free parking near our shop in Scheveningen Harbour and Almere.
  10. The best coffee and sandwiches at Max Café!

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