Anno Galama, All cedar electric – All flamed honduran cedar

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Jan Akkerman and other famous players, played Anno Galama Guitars in the past, there is an select inner crowd of collectors worldwide collecting these unique guitars that are in my humble opinion … Read more

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Jan Akkerman and other famous players, played Anno Galama Guitars in the past, there is an select inner crowd of collectors worldwide collecting these unique guitars that are in my humble opinion among the best ever made. His construction methods are still unmatched by any company, but he stopped making guitars for health reasons some 25 years ago. However he’s still around and very knowledgeable. Growing to appreciated Anno Galama and his guitars, I’m amazed nobody in the world took over his construction methods that are increasing sustain and resonance substantially.
Back in the days you had be patient when you ordered a Anno Galama guitar, as he respectfully took his time for creating these works of art. But you would take that for granted because his guitars were very special, and knowing his work was based on commitment and a vision. Anno wouldn’t take anything for granted. Oh, yes… of course his guitars cost a fortune back in the day but worth every penny you paid for them.

I will enlighten you a bit on the unique construction methods. The guitar is made of a very rare type of Columbian cedar (no there are no rosewoods or koa in this guitar). And Anno started by making a core of the most resonant wood that runs all the way through the body. This wood needs a certain grain, this core would be laminated with sides, (also with the grain running in a certain pattern) and on of this core with sides, a top – and a back (!) would be laminated – all solid woods. That’s – in general – how Anno Galama guitars would be constructed – the rest is a secret Anno hasn’t revealed yet.

This Vee modelled guitar from the 1980s is a piece of fine master art! Featuring, and this is very special – a Solid multi-slab Columbian Leaf Cedar body, with flamed one-piece Leaf Cedar top, all mastergrade woods, Neck-thru the body, in a hide construction, also made of the same extremely rare to find Cedrela Montana.The body and headstock are bound in a odd material that looks like some kind of early Ivoroid. Using the traditional Vee shape but mixing them with the finest details that are unique to this day. Like the weight, this Vee only weighs in at 3.1kg! (that’s 6.9LBS), taking care of perfect balance. And then that endless sustain! it keeps on going. Now and then one of these rare guitars pops up and gets sold for considerable prices. He made a total of only 20 Vees, 10 in black, and 10 in Cedar! Other features are: Ivoroid bound Ebony Fingerboard, 43mm at the nut, 628mm (24 3/4″) scale length, the flamed Cedar headstock shows gold Schaller tuners and a custom inlaid truss-cover, EMG pickup with active electronics (battery in the pot-hole).
In choice of wood, choosing the more resonant Cedreal above Honduras mahogany, Johan Gustavsson and Juha Ruokangas are followers of Galama, but no one this far was able to match the construction.
The condition of the guitar is excellent and aside from the usual surface scratches on the body, this guitar is simply excellent, great looks, great weight. This is a unique example of Galama Artistry & construction that comes with original V case.

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