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Fender Custom Shop Ancho Poblano Strat Pickup Set


SKU: ART-06220

Hand wound by Josefina Campos and limited to 300 Set worldwide. NEXT AVAILABLE PIECES: EXPECTED SEPTEMBER 2017 Read more

Expected within days

Product Description

With tone as big as Texas, the Limited Edition Ancho Poblano Stratocaster® Pickup Set delivers giant sound for the player that likes everything bigger. Crafted using special ingredients according to our own secret recipe, these spicy single-coil calibrated pickups crank out fat, high-output tone with plenty of sonic flexibility.

The pickup wire is simmered in our secret Custom Shop sauce and then each pickup is individually calibrated from neck to bridge and string-to-string for more consistent tone. With hotter output from the neck pickup to the bridge pickup, these pickups have all the vintage-style tone and dynamic response that made Fender a legend—just more of it.

The bridge pickup is constructed from alnico 5, with enamel wire and flat pole pieces for red-hot output. The alnico 3 neck and middle pickups use Formvar-coated wire and staggered polepieces for noise-free, glassy tone. Potted to resist microphonic feedback, these pickups can also shrug off moisture with ease.


  • Limited Release of 300 units hand wound by Master Pickup Winder, Josefina Campos
  • Hotter output bridge pickup than vintage-style pickups; reverse- wound middle pickup to reduce hum
  • Alnico 5 bridge pickup with flat pole pieces and enamel wire
  • Alnico 3 neck and RWRP middle pickups with staggered pole pieces and Formvar wire
  • Potted to resist feedback and environmental damage

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