Fender CS Masterbuilt Jason Smith Garage Mod ’69 Strat Candy Apple limited


SKU: ART-05948

R86194 – This Masterbuilt Garage Mod Strat was made especially for Max Guitar by master builder Jason Smith! During the visist to the fender Custom shop you will find all sorts of extremely good and … Read more

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Product Description

During a visit to the Fender Custom Shop you will find all sorts of extremely good and strange guitars! Especially when you go to the booths of the individual Master Builders. Last year I found a strange looking guitar standing in Jason Smith’s workshop and was wondering what it was. It was as Jason described it a Garage Mod guitar. We have since ordered more of these as they are really something else! When I picked that particular one up I just knew I HAD to get it. It was one of the best sounding strats there!

It is inspired by an early Seventies Strat that belonged to a friend of Jason. In the Seventies it was quite normal to tinker with these Strats, for one because they were not vintage yet, but just another good Fender guitar and second: tinkering with Strats was hip at that time! Brands like Mighty Mite, Chandler, DiMarzio, Allparts and such all started in the 70s. Alder body, one piece, quartersawn maple neck, large ’69 style headstock, lacquer finish on body and polyurethane on the neck (like the 70s guitars used to have) comes with handwound Josefina Red Hot pickups in middle and neck position, Broadcaster pickup in the bridge pickup that sounds HUGE! the large switch adds the neck pickup in any position. Sounds immaculate! Paperwork, COA and CS case included. Signed on the back by Jason especially for Max Guitar! (see picture)

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