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Gibson ES-339 Antique Walnut 2018


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This 339 looks just like an original 70's ES in this fancy antique Walnut finish. It features the same Custom shop quality as the fancy ES335 but in a smaller body size that's ideal for … Read more

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Product Description

This ES 339 is a compact version of the ES 335. Much easier to play and comntrol the sound, less bulky and generally seen as a crossover between a large semi solid and a Les Paul style sized guitar. styles can vary from Jazz, through blues, Country and Rock. really versatile!

The Gibson Memphis ES-339 semi-hollowbody electric guitar, introduced in 2007, gives you the legendary sound, playability, and versatility of Gibson’s larger ES Series guitars — like the ever-popular ES-335 — as for some players more accustomed to the slimmer lines and more compact dimensions of a solidbody electric, though, the standard ES-335 can feel just a little large and unwieldy.

The 339 features the same Custom shop quality as the fancy ES334 but in a smaller body size that’s ideal for guitarists used to solidbody instruments. The body is comprised of a lightly arched three-ply maple/poplar/maple top and back with a solid maple center block that reduces feedback and enhances sustain. Fitted with a pair of Memphis Historic Spec (MHS) humbuckers and a fast mahogany neck topped with a rosewood fingerboard, the ES-339 lends itself to just about any musical style. Modern updates include the ABR-1 bridge with its titanium saddles, the MTC Plus handwired control assembly, and Grover “milk bottle” Rotomatic tuners in nickel finish.
Hollowbody richness meets solidbody sustain
Gibson Memphis designed the ES-339 to have the same tonal appeal as its big sibling, the ES-335, but with a smaller body style. If you grew up on solidbody guitars but crave the warmth and tonal complexity of a hollowbody, the ES-339 is for you. You’ll love the harmonic richness that resonates from the ES-339′s semi-hollowbody, and you’ll also really appreciate the feedback resistance and enhanced sustain provided by its solid maple center block. Gibson Memphis redesigned the neck dimensions and used low-profile frets for a more comfortable feel. Guitarists of all calibers can appreciate the sound of the ES-339, and if you perform nightly, you’ll find it to be a dream come true.

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