Mad Professor Silver Spring reverb


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Product Description

The Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb is a compact reverb pedal with a purely analog, direct signal path. It has a large bandwidth, set between the dark and warm sound of the reverb on an amplifier and the clear, ringing reverb of a studio unit. It was designed to work well in combination with a distortion pedal and it’s recommended to place the reverb after your distortion pedal in the signal chain.


The silver stompbox has three white rotary controls for Time, Tone and Reverb. Time sets the decay time of the reverb effect. It goes from a small room to a large hall/plate reverb sound. With the Tone control, you can adjust the bandwidth of the reverb. It has a range that goes from a very bright reverb to a warmer, darker one. You can choose a sound anywhere between that of a classic spring reverb and a studio unit.

The Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb is a true bypass pedal and it is powered by either a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt power supply. Create some great atmospheric tones with this silver pedal!

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