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Weehbo Plexface


The PLEXFACE combines four eras of music history in one box. It features two independent channels, PLEXI and BLACKFACE.

The BLACKFACE channel is a faithful reconstruction of a well-known mid-60′s amplifier, with field effect transistors instead of tubes. The VOLUME knob does control the volume level of course, and the overall gain and saturation. Turning up the VOLUME knob will give you the light tube saturation this amp is famous for. Further, you can choose between two distinctive sounds: BLACKFACE (’65) or TWEED (’57), the TWEED mode is a bit hotter sounding.

The PLEXI channel is modeled after the legendary 1959 plexi model with 100 watts of power, which got very popular by various artists. You can choose between JTM (’59) and JMP (’87) mode.

It’s possible to activate both channels, signal path is PLEXI into BLACKFACE.


BASS: controls the amount of bass (BLACKFACE)
TREBLE: controls the amount of highs (BLACKFACE)
VOLUME: adjusts volume and gain (BLACKFACE)
DRIVE: adjusts the amount of gain (PLEXI)
TONE: simple tone control (PLEXI)
LEVEL: adjusts the volume level (PLEXI)
SHAPE: flat (FL) or pushed (PU) mids and low end
’59/’87: choose between JTM (’59) or JMP (’87) in PLEXI channel
’65/’57: choose between BLACKFACE (’65) or TWEED (’57) in BLACKFACE channel
DYNAMIC: internal supply voltage: 9V (left), 18V (right)
PLEXI: engages PLEXI channel
BLACKFACE: engages BLACKFACE channel Read more

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