MXR namm

New pedals by Dunlop, MXR and Way Huge

25 January 2017

Some exciting new effects pedals were introduced at this year’s Winter NAMM by Jim Dunlop and its MXR and Way Huge brands.

For starters, there’s a 24k gold-plated version of Dunlop’s famous Cry Baby wah to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ever-popular Cry Baby, which first came onto the market in 1967. It’s a limited version of the standard GCB95 Cry Baby wah.

New MXR pedals

MXR unveiled a number of new stompboxes. There’s the red Dyna Comp Mini compressor, a mini version of the classic Dyna Comp with rotary controls for Output and Sensitivity and a new Attack button that lets you choose between fast and slower attack times. The pedal is built around a rare CA3080 integrated circuit that enables a more transparent sound, quieter operation and a larger dynamic range.

Good news for bassplayers: MXR has released the Sub Octave Bass Fuzz, a pedal that combines two different fuzz effects with a sub octave. There are separate rotary controls for the level of Fuzz, Octave and the dry signal and the yellow stompbox also features a 2-band EQ section and a Mid Level control to dial in some more midrange punch.

MXR namm

MXR’s Custom Shop teamed up with Italian pedal designer Carlo Sorasio to create the Il Diavolo overdrive. The classic circuit of this blue stompbox was adapted to enhance the midrange and the low-end frequencies. The Il Diavolo can go from a subtle, natural boost to full-on overdriven chaos, and anything in between. The Hi/Lo switch provides a broad range of symmetrical and asymmetrical tones.

MXR Six Band and Ten Band EQs

MXR has also released two new, true-bypass EQ pedals. The Six Band covers all the essential guitar frequencies and each slider can cut or boost up to 18 dB from the selected frequency. The Ten Band EQ is also great for bass guitar and it features two outputs and separate sliders for Gain and Volume. Both EQ pedals are updated with brighter LEDs, a lightweight aluminium enclosure and noise-reduction circuits.

Way Huge Russian-Pickle and Conquistador

Some inspiring new pedals by Way Huge were introduced at the NAMM show. The Russian-Pickle fuzz features three black rotary controls for Volume, Tone and Distortion that you can use to dial in some nice, smooth and creamy fuzz sounds with a thick low-end and a clear midrange that will cut through any mix. Thanks to the ample low-end that this pedal provides, the Russian-Pickle is also great for bass guitar.

Way huge

The Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion is a more aggressive sounding fuzz. Any sound you set with the controls for Volume, Tone and Fuzz will still be musical, but this true-bypass pedal will rip through the mix with its powerful, sizzling fuzz.

Read all about the new products for 2017 on the Jim Dunlop website.