MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe

14 July 2017

A new, powerful analog delay pedal has joined the MXR family: the MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe. This sparkly green pedal offers tap tempo functionality, extended delay time of 1,2 seconds and optional modulation that you can add to the delay effect. With the Bright switch, you can switch between the warm sound of the original Carbon Copy and the lively, clear sound of the Carbon Copy Bright.

Classic and bright delay sounds

The original Carbon Copy has become a staple on many pedalboards. Its warm, vintage tone and high-quality bucket brigade circuit remain very appealing to guitarists all over the world. With the addition of the Bright version in 2015, MXR responded to the demand for a brighter sounding analog delay with all of the qualities that made the original CC so popular. MXR stays on top of the game with the brand new Carbon Copy Deluxe, offering both classic and brighter delay sounds in a compact, sturdy enclosure.

On the previous Carbon Copy pedals, modulation could only be controlled with trim pots on the inside of the unit. The Deluxe features dedicated controls for the modulation section, so you can adjust your sound on the go. The tap divide function allows you to select eighths, dotted eighths, triplets and sixteenth notes.