Boss 40th Anniversary Box Set

21 July 2017

In 1977, Boss launched its now famous line of compact effects pedals. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this series, Boss now offers a limited edition box that contains reissues of the PH-1 Phaser, the OD-1 Overdrive and the SP-1 Spectrum parametric equalizer.

Classic with modern features

The 3 reissue pedals in the box were hand-wired on a special production line in Japan and only 1500 sets will be produced worldwide. The pedals respond and sound the same as the original 1977 models, but they have some modern features as well. You can power them with a 9V power supply or a 9V battery, and the battery lid has been reinforced. There’s also a LED that shows whether the pedal is active.

The pedals come in a deluxe presentation box with a card that features the serial number and a personal message from the president of the Boss company, Yoshihiro Ikegami.