Fender Offset series: new colors

5 October 2017

New stylish, vintage-inspired colors on the guitars and bass from Fender’s Offset series

In the 1950s and 60s, the colors on Fender instruments were inspired by the car industry. Some now-familiar shades like Olympic White, Surf Green, Candy Apple Red and Lake Placid Blue were called Fender Custom Colors and they all originated in the automotive industry.

Today, five new color options are added to the guitars and bass in Fender’s Offset series and they reference these vintage tinges.

New colors

The Duo Sonic is now also available in Surf Green, the Duo Sonic HS in Canary Diamond, the Mustang now has a Shell Pink color option, the Mustang 90 is available in 2-Color Sunburst and the new color for the Mustang Bass is Capri Orange.

The new colors are paired with upgraded pau ferro fingerboards instead of the rosewood used on the previous Offset models.