Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Masterbuilt Artist Models

29 January 2018

30th anniversary Eric Clapton Stratocaster – Journeyman Relic Black

  • Master-Built John Cruz
  • Limited to 30 guitars worldwide

In 1987 Eric Clapton retired his famous Stratocaster, “Blackie”, and approached the Fender Custom Shop to craft a replacement designed to his specifications; in effect, he wanted a new pair of old shoes. Fenders artisans
went to work, and the resulting instrument was the inaugural instrument in Fender’s Artist Series—the Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster. With the smooth feel and authentic sound of the original—along with a delicious new Journeyman Relic® finish—this special 30th Anniversary edition represents one of the finest instruments to ever come from the artisans of the Dream Factory.

2018 is the only year you’ll have the chance to add this unique Black lacquer Journeyman Relic finish, along with the feel and authentic sound of Clapton’s original signature model to your guitar collection.

The Journeyman Relic finish makes the select two-piece alder body look and feel like it’s seen countless gigs and lets the wood breathe with natural resonance. True to Clapton’s own model, the stable one-piece quartersawn
maple neck with an ultra-comfortable custom “Soft V” neck profile lets your hand nestle perfectly, giving you the perfect platform for unleashing electric inspiration. The blocked six-screw American Vintage synchronized tremolo bridge maintains rock-solid tuning no matter how hard or fast you play. The TBX tone control and Vintage Noiseless™ pickups offer hum-free vintage-style Strat tone, while the active mid boost gives your sound a +25dB kick in the pants for when you need to make your solo jump out in the mix.

Other features include:

  • a 9.5”-radius fingerboard with 22 vintage-size frets,
  • 5-way switching,
  • single-ply Parchment pickguard,
  • vintage-style hardware,
  • bone nut,
  • wing string tree and Clapton’s signature on the headstock.

Includes deluxe commemorative 30th anniversary Neckplate, deluxe hardshell case, strap and Certificate of Authenticity signed by Eric Clapton.

Jimmie Vaughan Strat

  • Masterbuilt by John Cruz
  • Limited to 30 guitars worldwide


Honoring the legacy of two of the most influential Texas blues guitarists, the legendary brothers, Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Fender Custom Shop proudly presents the limited-run Vaughan Brothers Two-Stratocaster®
Set. Limited to 30 sets and crafted by Master Builder John Cruz, this pair of guitars faithfully recreates every detail of the historic instruments the brothers used to carve their place in music history.

In the late ‘70s, Jimmie Vaughan bought his first White Strat from a friend for the sum of $245 and proceeded to customize it to suit his needs. The Mary Kaye-inspired modifications include a late-50’s neck with a thin
profile and constructed from a lighter maple. Charley’s Guitar Shop in Dallas branded the headstock with a new Fender decal and installed larger frets to cater to Jimmie’s effervescent playing style. While on tour in Denmark, Jimmie adorned the back of his guitar with an upside-down pin-up girl who emerges right-side-up when the guitar is played behind the head. Retired from stage and studio, Jimmie’s Strat is currently in Austin, with his late brother Stevie Ray’s Strat—a proper tribute to the Family Style duo.

Master Builder John Cruz spared no effort to recreate this blues guitar classic that Jimmie proudly describes as a hotrod race car, customized beautifully to his specific tastes. A spitting image of the original, the
two-piece, offset-seam alder body bears a Relic® lacquer finish and is loaded with hand-wound Custom Shop single-coil pickups and three-way pickup switch. The one-piece 5/4 flatsawn maple neck sports a custom “ ’57 C” profile, 9.5”-radius fingerboard and 21 #6100 frets.

Other features include:

  • a 1-ply Parchment pickguard,
  • American Vintage synchronized tremolo bridge,
  • vintage-style tuning machines,
  • bone nut and wing string tree.

Includes deluxe hardshell case, strap and Certificate of Authenticity.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat

  • Masterbuilt by John Cruz
  • Limited to 30 guitars worldwide


Arguably one of the most famous guitars in the world, the SRV #1 long stood as Stevie’s pride and joy in the studio and on the road until his untimely demise. Paying tribute in painstaking detail to the guitar Stevie
affectionately dubbed his “first wife,” the Limited Edition SRV #1 is a sonically and aesthetically correct rendition of a legendary instrument.

A benchmark in attention to minute detail, this version of SRV’s #1 Strat hearkens back to an earlier version of the guitar, featuring a battle-worn lacquer finish that represents the guitar at an earlier stage in its
life. Cruz reproduced every detail, including a cigarette burn under the low E-string on the headstock, giving this guitar the authentic scars from being played behind the head and back, with a mic stand and foot– however else Stevie Ray felt inspired to perform.

Recreated with unerring precision by Master Builder John Cruz, the Limited Edition Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat bears all the idiosyncrasies of the original; a 5/4 riftsawn maple neck with custom “Oval C” profile is matched
to a two-piece select alder ’63-style body and hand-wound Custom Shop pickups. Just like the storied original, this guitar bears an American Vintage left-handed synchronized tremolo bridge for custom, Hendrix-style access, including elbow manipulation.

Other features include:

  • 10”-radius round-lam rosewood fingerboard,
  • 21 #6100 frets,
  • five-way pickup switch,
  • custom wiring,
  • 3-ply Black pickguard,
  • vintage-style chrome tuning machines,
  • bone nut and wing string tree.

Includes deluxe hardshell case, custom SRV strap and Certificate of Authenticity.

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