New Friedman guitars, amp and pedals!

7 February 2018

Friedman announced an array of new products at the 2018 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California. Read on for more info about their Vintage-S and Metro-D guitars, the BE-50 Deluxe amp and the DP-OD, Gold-72 and Golden Pearl pedals.

Friedman Vintage-S

Friedman’s Vintage-T guitars (with a Tele-style body) and Cali superstrat models are now joined by a third guitar model: the Vintage-S. This Strat-style guitar will be available with an HSS, SSS or maybe even an HHS pickup configuration. The pickups are all of the Friedman brand and will also be offered as aftermarket parts. The humbucker is a Classic Plus humbucker and the Vintage Single-coils have Alnico 3 magnets. A Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge with bent metal saddles completes the instrument, and there are a lot of options to choose from. For the fingerboard, you can choose rosewood, pau ferro or maple. You can decide whether or not you want your guitar aged and the Vintage-S guitars will be available in a variety of colors.

Friedman Metro-D

Another new model in Friedman’s lineup of guitars is the Metro-D, a set-neck singlecut guitar with nickel-covered Friedman pickups. The body has a maple top and the guitar is available with either a mahogany back and a mahogany neck or with an alder back and a mahogany neck. The Metro-D is a killer sounding guitar with Hipshot locking tuners and a smooth neck with a deep tenon and a little volute.

Friedman BE-50 Deluxe

For this new 3-channel tube amp, Dave Friedman has combined his BE and HBE overdrive circuits with the bright and sparkling cleans of the Friedman Buxom Betty amplifier. The result is a very flexible and versatile guitar amp with loads of tonal possibilities. There are two EL34 power tubes and four 12AX7 preamp tubes, and the BE-50 Deluxe has 50 watts of power that can be scaled down to 25 watts.

Both of the overdrive channels are foot-switchable and each channel has its own Volume and Gain control. With a 3-position Voice switch, you can alter the top-end response of the overdrive channels and the Fat switch adds more warmth and girth to the low frequencies.

Friedman DP-OD

The DP-OD is an overdrive pedal with two footswitches. The left footswitch toggles between two channels of the beloved Friedman BE-OD overdrive, one channel with less gain and one with a heavier gain. The right footswitch bypasses the pedal. Both channels have a Mid control and lots of other possibilities to dial in two of your favorite settings from the BE-OD overdrive.

Friedman Gold-72

The Gold-72 ‘No More Tears’ wah pedal features a 3-position sweep switch. This wah pedal is true-bypass and you can choose between a buffered or a non-buffered output.

Friedman Golden Pearl

The Golden Pearl is a light overdrive that was designed to push amps that are already overdriven a little further. You can also use it if you want to add a subtle overdrive to your clean guitar tones.