New, insane Death By Audio pedals

7 February 2018

The pedal wizards of Death By Audio presented three new effects pedals at the NAMM this year: the Deep Animation envelope filter, the Absolute Destruction over-the-top fuzz and the Waveformer Destroyer MkII, an upgraded version of the first Waveformer Destroyer fuzz/distortion/overdrive.

Death By Audio Deep Animation

This envelope filter pedal can be used with bass, guitar or keyboard. It responds to the dynamics of your playing and offers the ultimate control over your sound. With the Frequency Selector knob, you can set the frequency range of the filter, going all the way from 0 Hz to the highest frequencies that only birds can hear. The Sensitivity control determines the point where the filter is activated and controls the response of the filter to the amplitude of the incoming instrument signal. With the Intensity control, you can add more resonance, grid and amount of the envelope filter to your signal. The Up/Down footswitch on the right controls the direction of the filter: from high to low frequencies or the other way around.

The Deep Animation is true bypass and the pedal is powered by a 9V battery or power supply.

Death By Audio Waveformer Destroyer MkII

This pedal offers a huge range of the craziest fuzz/overdrive/distortion sounds. It’s essentially the same as the first incarnation of the Waveformer Destroyer, only the internal DIP switches from the first pedal are moved to the outside on the MkII. Eight orange switches sit on top of the control panel, so you can change your settings at any time and e.g. use the pedal as a tabletop effect in the studio. Functions of the switches include Full/Thin, Wide/Deep and Shift/Norm.

The Waveformer Destroyer MkII will be available as a limited run later this year.

Death By Audio Absolute Destruction

Death By Audio calls this pedal their ‘most insane pedal yet’, so that’s saying something. You can get a nasty, gnarly fuzz from it, but you can also let it go into overload. The Overload slider controls how fast your signal disintegrates. The more you push the slider to the left, the faster your sound slips into destruction before being “reborn from the depths of hell”, as Oliver Ackermann of DBA eloquently puts it.

Sliding the Gain slider to the right adds more gain and distortion to the sound, and all combinations of the slider settings create different, insane fuzzy effects. There’s a Master Volume control for the output volume and the pedal is powered by a 9V battery or power supply.