Schaller improved the Straplock!

24 March 2018

Schaller has introduced their new S-Locks Strap Lock system, a dramatically improved method for securing your guitar strap. Here Schaller have taken on and solved the few shortcomings the old straplocks had (to short thread for some thick guitarstraps, the nut coming off the thread once in a while, screw sometimes not fitting certain guitars etc) We can honestly say that this is now the ultimate straplock system!

The S-Locks system is the latest innovation from a company that revolutionized the market in 1981 with Schaller’s original strap lock. With its unique design and functionality, Schaller has been setting the standard in strap locks for decades, helping guitarists worldwide protect their beloved instruments. In 2018 Schaller paves the way for the next generation of revolutionary strap locks with their new S-Locks. The product’s name reflects a simple, elegant concept: S for save, S for silent, and S for Schaller strap locks. The new S-Locks are silent. They feature one-piece hardened steel strap buttons, aesthetic design, perfect handling, an elegant Lock-Wheel.

We have ordered and deliver the straplocks without the polluting, environmentally unfriendly plastic boxes!