Essential Songwriting Course with Petra Jordan

28 August 2018

Starting September 19th, something new at Max Guitar. Want to learn about songwriting, or improve your skills? Join The Essential Songwriting Course with Message of the Song founder: Petra Jordan.

In a series of 3 workshops you will learn about lyrics, composition and melody. Each workshop lasts 4 hours and consists of theoretical and practical parts. You’ll learn the theory by doing hands on exercises, and your Petra will provide additional information where necessary.

workshops & dates

1. Writing Better Lyrics – September 19th 2018
2. Better Composition – October 17th 2018
3. Writing Better Melodies – November 21st 2018
4. Alumni Xmas Concert – December 19th

Location: Max Guitar Den Haag, Doctor Lelykade 12, 2583 CM, Den Haag


Sign up for all 3 courses and save 10%
€297 – 10% = € 267.30

1. writing better lyrics

This workshop is open to musicians and non-musicians alike (lyricists only). The goal is to equip you with tools to write better lyrics by introducing you to the concepts of prosody, song plot and sensory object writing. You’ll learn how to use the lyrics to build suspense, to ‘breath life’ into your songs and accentuate the song’s theme. As a result, your lyrics will be more ‘cohesive’, memorable and convey the story more convincingly.

​Collaboration techniques will help you go beyond your personal creative limits. While the workshop is taught in English, you can use these tools in any language.

Introductory Price: only €99/workshop with FREE meal at Django Café

2. better composition

You might have seen the videos on how hundreds of songs are written over the same chord progressions. And while there is nothing new to invent in terms of chord progressions, you can learn how to contrast song sections, how to express your moods with chords (and not just major/minor) or what types of development ideas you can use. We will also look at typical placements of certain chord progressions in the song.

Prerequisite: For this workshop you need a basic understanding of chord progressions and how Roman numerals are used to represent chord names – e.g.: In the scale of “C”, “Cmaj” is a “I” chord, “Dmin” a “ii” chord, “F” a “IV” chord, etc…

Introductory Price: only €99/workshop with FREE meal at Django Café

3. writing better melodies

While it’s easy to spot a lyric that’s cliché, identifying why a melody fails to stand out from the rest takes a little more experience. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to write a great melody, however, the problem arises when the vocal melody sounds as an afterthought superimposed on the chord progressions.

Best melodies are memorable and easily singable by themselves. In this workshop, you’ll learn what elements to focus on to make them such, including note choices, rhythm, contrast and the motifs. You will also be challenged to rewrite the melodies you came up with, while shifting focus on different aspects of the melody lines.

As a result, you will walk away with new techniques and experience that you can apply in your songwriting.

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of musical theory – chords, scales, notes.

Introductory Price: only €99/workshop with FREE meal at Django Café

Read more on the Message of the Song website here: http://www.messageofthesong.com