Ordering & Best Price Guarantee

At Max Guitar we realise that guitarists are always searching for a particular sound, that one special instrument, and the ideal equipment to express yourself freely. We at Max Guitar are motivated by the love for guitars. We aim to serve and supply all guitarists. All staff at Max Guitar are guitar players, guitar enthusiasts and will not compromise when it comes to our instruments and equipment. We only carry gear that we know you will love for years to come.

Traditional Values

We operate two genuine “brick and mortar” stores and sell what we think represents the best quality around. We strive to bring you the best, the unusual, the unique and the innovative. Vintage stuff or just out of the amp shop. Products that are made with love and craftsmanship. Visit our stores in The Hague – Scheveningen haven (Harbour district) and Almere (near Amsterdam). We have an extensive collection of great new & used guitars, effect pedals, tube amplifiers and accessories.

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Custom Shop | Customising | Cafe

At our stores you will have all the time, information and space to test and compare. We will bring you the right combination of knowhow, craftsmanship, a pleasant atmosphere, service and a well chosen collection of new and used guitars, amps, and accessories. We pride ourselves on our quality selection, good stock, friendly service and quick shipping anywhere in the world. We have a fully equipped guitar repair and customising department with several skilled luthiers ready to go and can also facilitate guitar amplifier repairs. Whether it is a set of strings, an upgrade for your guitar, a boutique effect or amp, a Gibson or a Fender Custom Shop guitar, we take pleasure in offering you the best service available. The atmosphere is pleasant and the coffee and sandwiches at Max Café are the best!

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Best Price Guarantee

We offer great deals on all instruments and gear, but sometimes there is a lower price. We will match or even beat any price that you are quoted. So please tell us if you get a better price. Items have to be from regular stock, not from sales or executions. We maintain the right to not match the price, and will do an in-depth examination if the products are exactly the same regarding type, specifications, availability, accessories etc.

One can only apply for this guarantee:

  • when the item is in stock and same conditions apply;
  • when the item is in same (new) condition;
  • when the item compared is not a store model, part of an auction, clearance or other kind of sale;
  • before purchase of the item (prices may change rapidly).

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Ordering Items

Made your choice? Ordering online is just as straightforward as placing the item in the shopping cart, and proceed to the checkout. Here you can leave your name & address and select the preferred shipping method. Then proceed by selecting your preferred payment method and follow the instructions from there on. You will receive automated e-mails about the updates of your order.

We work hard to personally photograph all the items we stock. So, in most cases: what you see is what you get. We also try to describe items as best as we can. Vintage items are known for wear and tear but we describe them as detailed as possible.

Whenever you are unsure, need assistance or want to know more: don’t hesitate to call, e-mail, or chat.