Accessories & Parts

Playing guitar is not just about the guitar. It’s about much, much more. Think of picks, straps, cables, capo’s, bags and cases, strings, upgrading hardware, guitar stands and so on. That is what we call accessories & parts, and we at Max Guitar can offer you almost anything you could think of. And they are important. For instance, a high quality cable can certainly improve your amplified sound, both acoustic and electric.


What is a guitar without strings?? Exactly. Strings, very important things. There is a lot of choice, in gauge, in winding, in material. It really matters for your sound and the playability of your instrument. Style of music is also an important factor in choosing the right strings. For instance, if you want to play fast solos and licks like in metal a light gauge set of strings will suit you just fine, say a .009 set. The most common electric strings are nickel-plated steel strings. But if you’re a jazzcat you might consider chrome strings…


Cables are a crucial component of your setup. Let’s put it another way: if you have a great guitar, a high-end amplifier, a boutique pedalboard and lousy cables, your sound and tone won’t be as great as you would expect. Now why is that? Because your cables don’t conduct the signal very well. Loss of signal is killing for output and tone and most of the time it is due to bad cables. And poor cables will get you noise and humming, you don’t want that. We can help you with high quality cables for guitar to amp and to connect all your effects and stompboxes.


Upgrade or customize your guitar with high quality parts and make her even sound better! Apart from a body and a neck your guitar consists of many more parts. Think of tuning machines, pickups, a bridge and tailpiece (if you’re a Gibson or PRS player) and electronics. We can help you with any kind of replacement and adjustment. For instance, you want a humbucker in the neck position of your beloved Telecaster. We stock humbuckers from Gibson, Throback and Amber just to name a few. And our in-house guitar techs and luthiers can install the bucker ready to play.

Care & Maintenance

You want your guitar and your gear in the most perfect condition, right? Then you have to take care of your baby. Don’t wash it, it’s not a car, but you will want to clean your guitar regularly. Clean your fretboard and frets when you change your strings and give the board a special treat with some fretboard polish or lemon oil, but not too often. It will play like butter and look like a masterpiece, and that is just what it is, isn’t it? Don’t forget your pots as well. Care and maintenance, because they’re worth it!

Bags, cases & covers

You wake up in the middle of the night, bathing in cold sweat. In your dream you went out on a gig and your axe came out of your gigbag in two pieces, one neck and one body. You don’t ever want that to happen, do you? Protect your instrument with a sturdy case or a well designed gigbag. We stock bags, cases and covers for every instrument, from waterproof to bulletproof. Brands like MONO, Gator, Fender and Gibson provide you with the security you want for your guitar (acoustic and electric of course) or bass. Protect your neck!


We provide guitarists with everything they need. Wanna play in a different key? Check out our capos. While standing with your guitar you have to look cool so choose a strap that matches your style and guitar. Other items you will find here are stands for your precious instrument, and items to help beef up your pedalboard like power supplies. Also look at accessories like headphones when playing late at night, or earplugs for the neighbours.