On this page you will find our collection of new and pre-owned amplifiers. Our collection ranges from regular production amps to some of the nicest boutique amps on the market. Amplifiers are one of the key ingredients of your guitar sound. As so many people have different tonal preferences we carry a lot of different types of amps. We are dealer for Fender, Orange, Vox, Marshall and Blackstar, and are very proud to also stock a lot of high-end brands like Victoria, Two-Rock and Tone King. We regularly update our website with the new amplifiers we receive. Be sure to keep an eye on this page!


Combo amplifiers have both the amplifier and the speaker(s) in the same enclosure. This makes them  very practical as they are easier to transport and take up less space. Combo amplifiers are often also very convenient for studio use. Guitarists like Eric Clapton and Billy Gibbons are famous for using small Fender Champs for their recordings, and they make them sound absolutely huge! Larger combos have proven themselves on stage countless times over the years. The Fender Super Reverb, Vox AC30 and Marshall Bluesbreaker are true classics that are loved among guitarists. Browse our selection of combo amps below!


In this category you will find all of our amplifier heads. Heads are the best choice for players who like flexibility. Because the amplifier is in a different enclosure than the speaker(s), amp heads can be combined with different types of speaker cabinets. For example, you could pair up your head with a 1×12 cabinet for a gig at a small bar, and use a 4×12 cab when you have to play on a big stage. Aside from that, a head and cab are the look of rock and roll! Just think of the walls of Marshall stacks that Jimi Hendrix played through!


Speaker cabinets are meant to be combined with amplifier heads. Heads and cabinets allow for more versatility as you can use different amps and speakers. Changing cabinets can change your sound drastically. The amount of speakers the cab houses determines how much sonic space your sound takes up. Another important factor is whether the back of the cabinet is open or closed. Open back cabinets have a more dimensional sound. Closed back cabinets give more sound pressure. When buying a new cabinet, make sure the impedance (ohms) and wattage of the cabinet match your amplifier. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact us for advice.


In this category you will find our acoustic amplifiers. Plugging an acoustic guitar into an electric guitar or bass amplifier will often result in disappointment. Acoustic guitars will often sound dull and lifeless through them. Acoustic amplifiers however are specially tuned for the frequency range of an acoustic guitar. Acoustic amps have to truthfully represent the full, clear and defined sound that a acoustic guitars have. It will also clearly bring out the nuances of what you are playing, whether it is powerful chords or delicate fingerpicking. A proper acoustic amplifier will do your acoustic sound justice.


In this category you can find all of our vintage amps. Here at Max Guitar we regularly receive some absolutely amazing vintage pieces! Think Tweed and Blackface Fenders, Marshall 1959 and 1987 model Plexis, Vox AC’s. Some of the coolest stuff you can think of. Stuff that will make you feel excited like a child. These are the amps your guitar heroes played through on all your favorite records! Make sure to check this category regularly, we frequently update this section with the vintage pieces we just received.


In this category you can find all of our other amplifiers and amplifier related products. This could be anything from Smokey amps (small amps built inside cigarette boxes, talk about mojo!!), all the way up to Kemper profilers. An amazing stage and studio tool that emulates all your favorite guitar amps so well, you won’t hear the difference with an actual amp! Check back regularly for our latest products!