Alhambra is an authentic Spanish company that is best known for their beautiful classical, flamenco and steel string guitars. They also manufacture bandurrias: a mandolin-like, Spanish string instrument that is tuned in fourths; lutes and accessories like guitar gigbags and cases.

Alhambra guitars are made from the finest tone woods (like rosewood, spruce, cedar, cypress and ebony) and the classical guitars are equipped with the traditional, Spanish heel.

Guitars by Alhambra come in a choice of shapes and sizes. Many models have a version with a cutaway and onboard electronics, usually by Fishman.

The company has its origins in the early 1960s. Francisco Martínez Clavel, Ricardo Llorens Bonhome and José María Vilaplana Vilaplana were carpenters and business partners and one day they decided to build a classical guitar. This guitar was very well received and together with José Luis, the three gentlemen started a guitar company named Manufacturas Jachi.

They took up residence in a building in Cela Street in the town Muro de Alcoy, near Valencia in the province of Alicante. Manufacturas Jachi employed about twenty people.

When the company grew bigger, they took on José Botella Miró as an international sales agent. The date of June 14th 1965 marks the official founding of Manufacturas Alhambra, S.A., by business partners Rafael Insa Satorre, José Botella Miró, José Botella Valls, Jesús Cuesta Suárez, José María Vilaplana Vilaplana and Ricardo Llorens Bonhome.

Many of the men who started working for Alhambra when they were young are still involved in the business and their experience and craftsmanship is of essential value to the quality of Alhambra guitars. Nowadays, Alhambra has a workshop of 14.000 square meters at their disposal, where no less than 110 employees build the finest guitars with a combination of traditional handwork and modern woodworking techniques. Their high-quality guitars are sold in over 40 countries.

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