Digitech is an American company that makes digital effects for instruments like guitar and bass guitar. It was founded at the beginning of the digital audio revolution, in 1984. Their philosophy was to develop high quality audio products based on DSP technologies that could be sold at an affordable price.

The company invented a lot of types of effects processors that many other companies have since copied. Their DSP-128 was the first ever multi-effects processor and the Digitech PDS-1002 and PDS-8000 were the very first looper/delay pedals on the market. They also pioneered with the first vocal harmony processor, the VHM-5.

In 1988 Digitech released the revolutionary Whammy pedal. This pitch shifting pedal was a total game changer and it has been named as one of the most important guitar effects of all time. The brand became particularly famous after releasing the Whammy, and this effects pedal can be heard on countless albums. It’s used by famous artists like Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello; Joe Satriani; Jack White and Steve Vai. Digitech keeps on improving and developing the Whammy pedal even further. It is now in its 5th generation and there are multiple versions, such as the Whammy DT that has drop tuning facilities.

In 1990, Digitech was acquired by Harman International Industries Inc., a global company that manufactures all kinds of high-end audio equipment. Successful brands like AKG, Lexicon and JBL are all part of Harman as well. Through the years, Digitech kept developing unique effects processors. Their RP-1 was the first programmable multi-effects floor processor for guitar and the company keeps coming up with great pedals like the JamMan Solo XT looper and the TRIO+ band generator pedal.

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