Dr. Z

Suffering from wimpy tone? Don’t be! Visit the doctor for a healthy dose of tube-infused goodness without breaking the bank. Michael Zaite – aka Dr. Z – was a Cleveland based drummer, working in medical electronics for General Electric, with a lifelong fascination for tube amps. Stumbling upon a handful of old Hammond O35 reverb amps, he decided to build his first guitar amp based on the peculiarities of this particular circuit, that was originally intended for use within the famous Hammond organs. That first amp was the Dr. Z Carmen Ghia, and it soon found its way to notable players and tone connoisseurs such as Walter Becker (Steely Dan) and Joe Walsh (The Eagles).

The success of this amp allowed the company to grow and establish its core principles: making distinctive designs, with simple features, at an affordable price. Now, after thirty years in business, Dr. Z is most likely the biggest boutique builder of hand built tube amps in the world. His reputation for consistently superlative tone can be traced back to every single model he has released since the Carmen Ghia. If you think ‘boutique’, ‘hand built’ and ‘affordable’ are unlikely words to go together in a single sentence, it is clearly time for your doctor’s appointment. Sample a great selection of Dr. Z’s fabulous amps, combo’s and speaker cabinets at Max Guitars. The doctor is in!

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