Founded in 1992 by a young immigrant, Qian Ni, Eastman Strings was from the start recognized as one of the world’s finest makers of orchestral stringed instruments. In the great tradition of such luthiers as Antonio Stradivari, Lloyd Loar (Gibson), and John D’Angelico, Eastman builts from a foundation in violin-making to produce some of the best fretted instruments anywhere.

In 2004, Eastman continued to evolve by creating their first guitars: three archtops that were displayed at the winter NAMM show in California. The response was immediate and overwhelming. Players from around the world remarked at the archtops’ craftsmanship and acoustic properties. Only a few years later Eastman introduced their acclaimed mandolins and flattop guitars.

What makes Eastman so special? The craftsmanship. Eastman guitars and mandolins are always hand-made by skilled luthiers, many of whom have been with Eastman from the beginning. Their commitment to personally creating each instrument separates Eastman from many modern builders; aware that each piece of wood is unique and must be treated as such, their luthiers ensure that the graduations and bracings are tailored for every instrument. The result is a superior tone that all players can hear. Legendary jazz guitarist John Pisano often comments on not only Eastman's guitars’ acoustic properties, but on the way he can literally feel the instrument vibrate against his body, “as if it’s alive.”

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