Mad Professor

Mad Professor Amplification is a Finnish company owned by Harri Koski and Jukka Mönkkönen. The company’s mission is to build pedals for guitar and bass guitar that are easy to use, have a musical tone and a small footprint. They also manufacture guitar amplifiers.

The origins of the Mad Professor company lie in Sweden. In 2000, Swedish technician Björn Juhl Forstarker started to produce hand made effects pedals for guitar. His pedals were shipped all over the world and soon he became an established name in the world of boutique guitar effects. His pedals had the name BJFE (Björn Juhl Forstarker Elektronik) on them, and nowadays these first pedals are very rare and they cost a fortune.

Harri Koski was the distributor of Forstarker’s products at that time. He asked if Björn could start building high-end guitar amplifiers as well as pedals, but that would mean he wouldn’t have enough time to continue hand-building his pedals. Forstarker decided to start a new company that could manufacture his designs for him. This became Mad Professor.

The company started out by making all of its pedals by hand, but they soon began manufacturing pcb-based pedals that were cheaper to produce. However, the hand wired pedals were still very popular and the demand remained high. That’s why the company decided to make hand wired pedals as well as pcb-versions, or ‘factory pedals’.

Some older Mad Professor pedals say ‘BJF design’. This can be a bit confusing, since all Mad Professor pedals are designed by Björn Juhl Forstarker. The company doesn’t print this text on their pedals anymore. If a pedal says ‘hand wired’ on it, than it is, obviously, a hand wired version. If there is no text at the bottom of the control panel, it’s a factory pedal.

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