Martinez Musical Instrument Ltd (MMI) was founded in 1978. It’s an international joint venture with its headquarters located in Guangzhou, China. The Martinez company is currently the largest manufacturer of hand made classical guitars in the world.

All Martinez employees have at least 10 years of experience in the guitar trade. They master the necessary technology and the skills to build the finest, high quality guitars that are sold all over the world. The company is led by managing director Alex Wang and they work closely with American master luthier Kenny Hill. Kenny Hill has been building guitars since 1975 and he is also an accomplished guitar player. He used to teach at the University of California in Santa Cruz and is currently leading a guitar workshop in Mexico, where instruments of the highest quality are hand made. He made over 150 instruments by hand and has been contributing to many guitar magazines as an author. Helping with design and quality control, Kenny Hill is invaluable to the Martinez company and he offers training to the workers so Martinez Guitars are able to maintain the highest quality standards.

The materials used for the instruments are carefully selected and come from all around the world. The workshops of the Martinez company are equipped with quality humidity control systems and all woods are carefully dried and prepared before they go into the production process. All production workshops are strictly humidity controlled, to maintain the best conditions for the tone woods used for the guitars. The equipment and machinery that is used for production is well maintained and the working conditions in the workshops meet the highest standards in terms of health and safety. A great sense of common purpose and a strong team spirit are key to the success of the Martinez company.

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