Mesa Boogie

In the late ‘60s, Randall Smith modified a friends Fender Princeton amp as a practical joke and the first high-powered combo is born. He called local hero Carlos Santana to plug it in and give it a spin. After playing long enough to gather a substantial crowd that afternoon he says, “Man that little thing really boogies!”, ….and since than the baby is named.

Hold notes forever

The game-changing little high gain Boogie would go on to have a huge impact on the music as guitarists finally had the ability to hold notes for ever with their newfound sustain. Many artists, like Bruce Springsteen and Kirk Hammett from Metallica to name a few, found their inspiration since than in the mojo of Mesa Boogie. Now, for more than 50 years, Mesa Boogie amps still set the standard for what a great-sounding tube amplifier should be; player-friendly, versatile and amazing tones.


Mesa Boogie is one of the last, still privately owned American music company. So no profit-hungry investors cutting corners between you and your tone. Every product is hand-built by there artisans who are tenured with an average of 15 years at their post, and many for much longer! So needless to say that these are the best instruments money can buy.

Let’s Boogie!!

Max Guitar is now authorized dealer of Mega Boogie, which basically means we have an amazing stock of these beautiful boutique amps and effects. So if your looking for that true American tone, the search stops here. Come to our store and Boogie!

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