Never have three letters carried enough history and respect to be in a league of their own, with very few competitors that can say they have done what MXR has. The partnership between Terry Sherwood and Keith Barr saw them apply their knowledge and craft (audio repair) to guitar pedals to form the original line up of MXR with the Phase 90 being their first original design. This pedal was seen with icons of the times from David Gilmour to Eddie van Halen. Along with the phaser they also saw the Dyna Comp, Distortion + and Blue Box show the world that MXR means business.

Acquired by Jim Dunlop in 1987, some feared this was the end of MXR. Quite the contrary as the newfound partnership saw the landscape for effect pedals reach for new heights and place MXR in the upper echelon. Not only did they stay faithful with the branding and image that had already been established and not only did they hold the recipes of the original pedals true, but we also saw the combined success of both engines behind that train just prove time and time again why they are the best at what they do. In came more originals like the Carbon Copy Analog Delay and even diving into bass pedals such as Bass Envelope Filter, the musicians world can’t help but recognize MXR as one of the leaders of the pack.

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