A cursory glance through the accessory section of any guitar store will quickly reveal that guitar straps are plentiful, with dozens of brands marketing large numbers of very similar straps. It seems impossible for any brand to stand out. Still, Chicago based Souldier Straps have succeeded in creating a unique position within that market.

Jennifer Tabor has been at the head of Souldier Straps since the beginning of the company. Making guitar straps by hand may have started as a hobby, it turned into a successful business within a few years. The rise and continuing success of Souldier Straps is even more remarkable considering that all its products are hand-made in Chicago! Souldier Straps preferably uses original designs, materials and fabrics that were also used in the sixties and seventies. For example, it is possible to order a guitar strap that you have seen used by Jimi Hendrix, and it is very likely that your strap is made from exactly the same material as that of Hendrix.

Having started out making guitar straps for local Chicago bands, Jen took a first step towards a larger audience in 2006. The reaction to her straps was so favourable that the products of Jen Tabor and her ladies have since been available far beyond the US. And rightly so, a Souldier strap is not only beautiful and functional, it is also hand-made and has been subjected to strict quality control. Hence the lifetime warranty that comes with any Souldier Strap.

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