Mark Baier founded Victoria Amplifier in 1993, with only one goal in mind: to recreate the classic amplifier designs of Leo Fender and his contemporaries. We are talking about the designs from the late fifties, responsible for, to the ears and minds of many guitarists, the ultimate rock and blues sounds. Unfortunately, original copies of those (tweed) amplifiers are so rare nowadays that you hardly ever see a guitarist play one.

And that was exactly why Baier started with Victoria Amplifier; a new guitar amp he craved that sounded just like a Fender design from 1959, turned out impossible to find. So he decided to build one for himself. He understood very quickly, that an amplifier only sounds like an old one, if you build it with the same components and in the same way. Lacking any experience with electronics and armed only with a number of library books on electronic circuits, he went to work.

Baier discovered that tweed amplifiers owe their unique sound, among other things, to the fact that they were originally intended for instruments other than guitar, and consequently featured a wide frequency spectrum. Compared to the later 'blackface' Fenders, tweed designs are rich in low and mid frequencies, and this causes the amp to distort relatively quickly. Furthermore, the housing is much more resonant when compared to non-tweed Fenders.

Now, more than twenty years later, Victoria amps are widely considered to be the best tweed amplifiers, arguably second only to the unobtainable original Fenders. Not bad for a former stock broker! Victoria now makes it possible for every guitarist to own a tweed amplifier that is in fact identical to the original Fenders, in terms of design, construction, parts and sound. Only the best, original and American components are used. Mark Baier faithfully and conscientiously adheres to the circuits, including the correct resistances, potentiometers and transformers. The casing is made of spruce wood and the woven and lacquered upholstery comes from the same supplier that also fitted Fender with tweed!

In addition to reproductions of the legendary Fender tweed models, Victoria now markets a number of their own designs that take the tweed tradition a step further. An example of this is the Victorilux, a cross between a blackface Deluxe Reverb and a Super Reverb, combining the best features of both. But Victoria also offers a simple 5 watt tweed Champ, and for considerably less money than you would expect for a hand-built amplifier!

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