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Way Huge Electronics was originally founded by Jeorge Tripps in 1992. Tripps started working with electronics at a young age. His father was an electrical engineer and he taught young Jeorge how to solder. Jeorges interest in guitar effects pedals started with a book he read: Electronic Projects For Musicians by Craig Anderton. The first guitar effect Jeorge built himself was the Talk Box from that book. He made this effect when he was only sixteen years old.

When Jeorge Tripps moved to Los Angeles, he frequented an electrical engineering company called Amp Crazy. This company specialized in repairing and customizing guitar amplifiers and Jeorge started working on the effects from his book again. He learned a lot from the technicians at Amp Crazy, who explained what each component did. Jeorge contacted Dunlop to ask for instructions on how to fix a broken MXR Micro Flanger and the people at Dunlop were very helpful, answering all his questions and teaching him how to modify things on the pedal.

Tripps started working at a company called Rack Systems, where he built power supplies for pedal boards and that sort of stuff. He started designing and building his own effects pedals for guitar and noticed that people seemed to like them. That’s when he decided to start Way Huge.

In 1999, Jeorge Tripps decided to pursue other things and he quit Way Huge Electronics. His existing pedals soon became very popular and they were sold for huge amounts of money on the second hand market. In 2006, Tripps teamed up with Dunlop Manufacturing and Way Huge was reborn. Beloved pedals like the Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz and the Aqua Puss Analog Delay returned on the market and nowadays they are as popular as ever.

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