Electric Guitars

We at Max Guitar are the leading electric guitar store in the Benelux area. We stock hundreds and hundreds of new and pre-owned models in every price range. Stratocasters, Les Pauls, Flying V’s, Telecasters, Semi-hollows, Jazzmasters. We have them all! No matter what you are after, we have your future guitar! Take a look at our collection below!


The Fender Stratocaster. One of the greatest icons of electric guitar design, development and craftsmanship. The comfortable body contour double-cutaway body shape, three single coil pickups, five-way switch (as from 1977) and three controls featuring Strat is a classic ever since the introduction in 1954. Played by the greatest, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Rory Gallagher Ritchie Blackmore and so on. At Max Guitar we have an extensive collection of Stratocasters, from high-end Fender Custom Shop Strats to budget friendly Squiers.


The guitar that started a revolution. One of the first solid body electric guitars on the market in 1951. Changed the history of popular music as we know it. The characteristic design, a single-cutaway body with two pickups, three-way switch, two controls and the unmistakable Telecaster headstock didn’t really change over the years. It is indestructible. Keef once used a Telecaster Deluxe to smash a fan in the face that came running up stage, strapped up again and played ahead. Telecaster still in tune.

Les Paul

The first Gibson Les Paul model saw the light of day on the market in 1952. After a few changes in design throughout the Fifties the Les Paul emerged in 1958 as the heroic guitar that in our time is known as The Holy Grail: the ‘58 – ‘60 Burst. Today the Les Paul still is of striking beauty. Always the beautiful single-cutaway body shape and available as a Studio, Standard, Deluxe or Custom model the Gibson Les Paul is a must have for every guitar player.

Hollow & semi-hollow

You will find the hollow body guitar of your dreams right here. We have everything from jazz boxes like the ES-175, ES-335′s, to Gretsch, Duesenberg and PRS. So whether you are looking for a guitar to give you warm jazz sounds like Wes Montgomery’s, or the aggressive tones of Eric Clapton’s ES-335 with Cream, we got you covered. Take a look below at our fine selection of hollow body guitars.


Vintage guitars are guitars that were made in the early days when the production process wasn’t as standardized and computer-controlled as it is today. That is what makes every vintage guitar a unique and a collectible item. Every guitar from every brand that was out there back in the days can be a vintage guitar, but it has to be high quality of course. Think of early 50’s Telecasters, a 1958 – 1960  Gibson Les Paul Standard, or a late thirties Epiphone in good condition.


Looking for more bottom-end? This is the right place to look! The electric bass was first commercially produced in 1951 by Fender. Before the introduction of the electric bass the only type of bass that was commonly used in pop and jazz music was the double bass. The electric bass allowed bassists to produce heavier and louder bass sounds. The younger generation of musicians at the time started picking up the new electric basses and as a result music changed forever. Below is our selection of fine bass guitars. Have a look!


In these categories you will find all kinds of electric guitars that aren’t your everyday Strat, Les Paul or Tele. So if you are looking for something unique, this is where to look! Among these guitars are Jazzmasters, Firebirds, Rickenbackers, odd shapes and more than 6 strings. These pages are often updated with some really cool new and pre-owned guitars so make sure you check back regularly!