Taylor V-Class Guitar Bracing

A New Sonic Engine

Introducing V-Class Guitar Bracing, a game changing advancement in acoustic guitar sound.

What is V-Class Bracing

V-Class guitar bracing is the product of Taylor’s tradition of ingenuity, a new development that breaks away from the traditional X-bracing pattern to change the way the acoustic guitar sounds. Taylor have always been driven to innovate and apply creative thinking to challenging problems. With a new design that resolves the tension between volume and sustain while improving intonation, they've moved the acoustic guitar forward and opened up new avenues for players.

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How V-Class Works

By creating flexibility across the guitar’s top and rigidity along the middle of the guitar parallel to the strings, V-Class guitar bracing produces incredible volume and sustain. It also creates order in the guitar’s sound, bringing the top into tune with the strings for better intonation and more harmonic tones all the way up and down the neck. With a more expressive response and a cleaner overall sound, V-Class opens up new possibilities for guitarists.

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