Alhambra Linea Professional Cedar


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This top-of-the line classical guitar was hand made in Spain by the most skilled, most experienced luthiers. Read more

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Product Description

The Alhambra Linea Professional Cedar comes from Alhambra’s Signature series. The top-notch guitars in this range are all hand made by the three best, most experienced luthiers in the Alhambra company: José Margarit, José Maria Vilaplana and Javier Mengual.

Selected tone woods

Only the finest, carefully selected tone woods were used to construct the Alhambra Linea Professional Cedar. As the model name suggests, red cedar was used for the solid top. The sides and the back of the body are made from solid Indian rosewood. The neck is real Spanish cedar, that’s reinforced with ebony on the inside. The fingerboard is ebony and it feels smooth to the touch.

This combination of woods results in a classical guitar with remarkable projection and clarity and a rich, warm tone.

The Alhambra Linea Professional Cedar was made with the greatest attention to detail. The sound hole rosette was inlaid by hand, while the top nut and the bridge saddle are made from bone.

This beautiful, hand crafted instrument plays like a dream and its sound is incomparable. As soon as you’ve picked it up to play, it becomes clear that the Alhambra Linea Professional Cedar is one of the finest classical guitars out there.


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