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Blankenship Variplex and 2×12 cab


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Nearly impossible to find! The Blankenship VariPlex Amplifier is a clone of David Friedman's legendary '68 Plexi amp feturing a power modulator. Order now! Read more

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Product Description

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Nearly impossible to find! The Blankenship VariPlex Amplifier is a clone of David Friedman’s ’68 Plexi amp. During prototyping, Blankenship had players compare their prototype to the original, and when 10-of-10 chose the prototype, they were satisfied. The Variplex is equipped with a Variac (think “variable AC”) to modulate the power output — giving you from 50 watts down to 0 watts with the turn of a dial.

The associated 2×12 cab is loaded with Celestion Neodymium G12 Century Vintage speakers! Neodymium technology is designed to create a modern speaker with a distinctly classic vibe. The result is a unique blend of extraordinary note definition and vintage character. Exceptionally lightweight and loud, with a tightly controlled low-end, the Century Vintage exhibits a clear, powerful mid-range and crisp, bright top-end. With super-fast attack and superb tracking, it’s ideal for use in amps favoured by high-speed guitar players – both high gain rockers and clean country pickers.

Blankenship Variplex and 2×12 cab Features:

  • Power: 50 watts
  • Tube Complement: Three 12Ax7, Two EL34 power tubes
  • Controls: Volumes, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, On/Off, Standby
  • 2×12 Celestion Neodymium G12 Century Vintage Speakers

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