Death By Audio Fuzz War

Death by Audio Fuzz War


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Kick-ass fuzz pedal that will create a wall of sound. Buy it today and become the ruler of the fuzz universe. Read more

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Product Description

The Death By Audio Fuzz War is a high-end fuzz pedal with a fat, sustaining fuzz sound that you can shape to your liking. You can use it to create ballsy fuzz, boost, overdrive and distortion effects that will surely get you heard.


There are three black rotary controls on the Death By Audio Fuzz War: Volume, Fuzz and Tone. The smallest control is for Volume. With the Fuzz knob you control the amount of gain or drive in the fuzz circuit. At the lowest setting, the pedal functions as a tone shifter but if you turn the Fuzz control up, it goes from a booster to an overdrive to distortion and all out, aggressive fuzz.

The Tone knob is a tone shaping filter with multiple curves. It changes the timbre of the effect sound so you can choose if you want to emphasize the highs, the mids or the low end. The Death By Audio Fuzz War is powered with a 9 volt battery or power supply.

A versatile fuzz pedal with killer tones. Get it now at Max Guitar.

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