Dunlop 6502 Fingerboard Care Kit

Dunlop 6502 Fingerboard Care Kit


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Cleaning your guitar regularly is the right thing to do. Buy this fingerboard care kit today and make your fretboard all shiny again! Read more

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Product Description

The fingerboard of your guitar is probably the part that gets dirty most easily. Grime and sweat from your fingers will result in a layer of dirt on your fretboard, especially at the positions that you use most.

With the Dunlop 6502 Fingerboard Care Kit, you can take care of the fretboard of your instrument. It can be used on almost all fretted instruments: acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ukelele, mandolin, banjo… you name it.

Cleaner & Conditioner

The Dunlop 6502 Fingerboard Care Kit contains two bottles and a polishing cloth that’s made of 100% cotton. The bottles are conveniently labeled 01 and 02, indicating the order in which you should use them. Start cleaning your fretboard (strings removed) with the 01 Cleaner & Prep. After that’s done, apply the 02 Conditioner to the fingerboard. This will prevent the wood of your fingerboard from drying out. Rub it in with the dry cloth and your fingerboard will look as good as new.

Take care of your precious instrument with the Dunlop 6502 Fingerboard Care Kit!

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