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Eastman E10 00-M

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The mahogany construction of the Eastman E10 00-M results in a friendly, focused tone with an earthy quality. It's a sound that's pleasing to everyone. Order now! Read more

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Product Description

This guitar is fully functional but has some chips and scratches on the body and neck and has been priced accordingly.

The Eastman E10 00-M is a 00 acoustic guitar, also known as a parlour model. This type of guitar is slightly smaller than a regular acoustic. The body has a smaller upper bout and a larger lower bout, while the soundbox is thinner. This makes for a very comfortable playing experience and results in a mellow tone.

Like all Eastman guitars, the Eastman E10 00-M was made from the finest, carefully selected tone woods. The body is made entirely out of solid, premium mahogany with a beautiful grain. There’s a hand carved scalloped X-bracing on the inside and the body is embellished with a stylish, white binding of multiple layers.

The neck is mahogany as well, and there are 19 frets on the rosewood fingerboard. The neck joins the body at the 12th fret and there’s a dual acting truss rod on the inside. The Eastman E10 00-M has mother of pearl dot inlays on the fingerboard and both the top nut and the bridge saddle are made from bone.

The mahogany construction of the Eastman E10 00-M results in a friendly, focused tone with an earthy quality. It’s a sound that’s pleasing to everyone.

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