Epiphone Rivoli 1969 faded Cherry


1969 original vintage USA made Rivoli bass. Read more

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Product Description

The Epiphone Rivoli was manufactured between 1961 and 1970 at Gibson’s Kalamazoo plant in Michigan, USA. Over the course of production there were some subtle changes in the components fitted to the instrument – most obviously the bridge unit used -  the bass pictured is a 1969 model and is fully original. It is typical for a sixties Kalamazoo plant bass, fitted with chrome-plated hardware throughout: EB humbucker, and Kluson 538 tuning keys.

Cherry Finish
The original 1960s Rivoli was available in Sunburst and Natural finishes, with Cherry added in 1966. The vast majority of Rivolis had the standard Sunburst finish.

Epiphone Rivoli circuit
The Epiphone Rivoli and the single pickup Gibson EB2 shared the same circuitry: a single pickup, volume and tone control, plus a push-button switch to activate the choke. The choke is a filter that gives you an instant what I call ‘Paul  McCartney’sound with immense lows. Both potentiometers fitted to this bass have the same value: 500kΩ audio taper part 811-1053, and are CTS brand.

This is a great sounding bass with the very distinctive, full, Gibson neck humbucker tone. This is obviously a single-pickup instrument; dual pickup Rivolis were not available until the model was reissued some 30 years later.

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