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Fano JM6 Standard P90 Shoreline Gold (#FS1703027)

Fano JM6 Standard P90 Shoreline Gold


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This axe feels like a real vintage guitar straight out of the box. Feeling is believing. So come and try this beautiful guitar. Read more

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Product Description


Fano’s achievements are partly the result of a design philosophy rooted in combining the best features of classic American guitars. The JM6 Standard P90 is a perfect incarnation of that mix-and-match approach. While it’s Jazzmaster inspired at a few steps, its Lindy Fralin P-90s, Tun-o-matic-style bridge, stop tailpiece and carved, angled headstock effectively make it much more than just a clone. The JM6 Standard is a class of its own.

The Fano JM6 Standard P90 futures at a glance;

  • Alder body with maple neck
  • Rosewood, compound-radius fretboard for easy chording and super fast licks
  • Early 60’s C neck shape for very comfortable playing
  • Fano Branded Vintage tuners and Fano Branded TOM/Stoptail for great tuning stability and intonation
  • P-90 pickups, delivering all the famous tones
  • Aged Nitrocellulose lacquer ensures transparent tones and gives that comfortable feeling
  • Comes with a Levy’s Gig Bag

Piece of art

The Fano JM6 P90 is a fantastic rock ’n’ roll machine. It’s light and comfortable. And whatever you feel about ‘relicing’ a guitar, at Fano’s they understand it goes further than taking away some paint. These guitars feel as comfortable as your favorite axe straight out of the box.

The maple neck is a piece of art. It’s carefully sanded (worn) to feel as comfortable as a battered pair of sneakers, and it’s fast and silky, with a beautiful, narrow “c” profile that feels a lot like an early ‘60s Telecaster. it’s joined with the body using a cool carve and a compact neck plate that gives you easy acces to the higher frets. The ‘Compound-Radius’ fretboard makes sure that chording or playing super fast licks were never so easy. The hot Fralin P-90s deliver beautiful clean tones or smooth overdrives with a little bite.

So if you are looking for a new ‘old friend’, try the Fano JM6 P90. Playing one of these babies feels like coming home.

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