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Fender CS 52 Telecaster Journeyman Relic Aged

Fender CS 52 Telecaster Max Guitar Ltd Run – Journey Man Relic Vintage Blonde #R15276


SKU: ART-05954

These are indeed marvellous instruments with the best tonewoods and craftsmanship available. Comes with Fender CS case, COA and all goodies. Read more

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Product Description

There’s no denying the allure of the classic Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster. They’ve got timeless design and feel as comfortable as your favorite old pair of jeans. But sometimes you want that particular guitar but maybe with a slightly thinner neck or maybe not so heavily Reliced.

the story

During one of our visits to the Corona Custom Shop we got inspired by the Masterbuilt Tele’s of Dale Wilson! So we ordered a limited team built run of 20 pieces of 1952 Telecasters with our own specs. Max Guitar now presents a special Fender Custom Shop Limited run of and fabulous looking and awesome playing 1952 Tele’s with a variation of specs that will satisfy any demanding guitarist.

All the main features you would expect from a fender 52 Tele, but with the variations that normally aren’t readily available. Choice of Journeyman or heavy Relic finishes, a choice of Butterscotch or aged Vintage Blonde and a choice of 50’s U style or Large “C”. There is no reason for you now to NOT order one of these beauties.


  • Large “C” neck
  • sorted for Lightweight – Ash body
  • quartersawn 1 piece neck
  • 6105 frets,
  • compensated saddles
  • Nocaster/twisted tele pups
  • crushed velvet ltd edition case
  • Max Guitar ’52 ltd edition back plate


  • General

    • Finish Package: choice of Journeyman or heavy Relic
    • Plating: Nickel
    • Case: ltd. edition case
  • Body

    • Body Wood: sorted for Lightweight Ash
    • Color: choice of Butterscotch or aged Vintage Blonde
    • Body Finish: Nitro Lacquer
  • Hardware

    • Saddles For Bridge Assemblies: Tele Relic
    • Pickups: Handwired Nocaster/twisted tele pups
    • Output Assemblies: Vintage Tele
    • Neck Plate: Max Guitar ’52 ltd edition back plate
    • Rear Control Cover: None
    • Tuner Key: Vintage W/Fender Logo Relic
    • String Sets: 010-013-017-026-036-046
  • Neck

    • Neck Assembly: 52 Tele Cc/Rel 9.5r
    • Neck Finish: Nitro Lacquer
    • Neck Blank Guitar: Maple 5/4 Quarter Sawn
    • Head Style: Tele
    • Face Dot: Micarta Black .250
    • Side Dot: Micarta Black 3/32″
    • Fret Wire: Medium Jumbo
    • Number Of Frets: 22
    • Fingerboard Radius: 9.50
    • Back Shape: Large “C”
    • Neck Nut Width: 1.650″
    • Neck Butt Width: 2.200″
    • Number Of Bolts: 4 Bolt
  • Pickguard

    • Pickguard: 51 Nocaster Relic

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