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Fender Jaguar 1965 Olympic White Vintage


SKU: ARO-53644

Looking for a collectable eye-catcher? This 1964 Jaguar’s fabulous sound and looks are sure to turn some heads. Order now! Read more

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Product Description

This vintage Jaguar just breaths Mojo… Played and loved by it’s first owner for 53 years!
In played but ALL ORIGINAL condition! Lovely weather checking and real “relic”.

Neck stamp states: 1 AUG 65 B
Pots state: 3046530 translates to week 30 of 1965.

The original owner played in a band here in Holland with his two brothers. All three brothers bought a Fender guitar in 1965! The youngest one a Strat, the middle one a Jazzmaster and the oldest one this lovely olympic white jaguar.

The Fender Jaguar was introduced as a high-end model guitar four years after the Jazzmaster. Though similar to the Jazzmaster in its offset body and lead/rhythem circuits controls, the Jaguar differed in two key ways.

For one, the Jaguar used a shorter 24-inch scale length compared to the 25 1/2-inch of most Fender guitars. Additionally, the Jaguar used two thinner single-coil pickups compared to the feedback-prone soapbox pickups of the Jazzmaster.

Fender Jaguar 1965 Olympic White Vintage Features:

  • Body Style: Offset Solidbody
  • Neck Construction: Bolt-on neck with dot inlays,
  • Pickups: 2 single-coil pickups with notched side-plates, individual pickup selectors
  • Scale Length: 24-inch
  • Controls: Treble and bass roll knobs, Lead/Rythmn cicruit
  • Finish Specifications: Olympic White (more rare than sunburst, truly collectable!)
  • Notable Players: Kurt Cobain, Johnny Marr, Carl Wilson
  • Includes Original Hardshell Case
  • Serial: L90953

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