G7th Newport 12 string

G7th Newport 12 string


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This capo protects your guitar and tone. You can use this capo for even the most difficult guitars! Read more

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Product Description


This Capo is specifically designed for 12-string acoustic and electric guitars. The G7th Newport 12-string capo marked an important development in the evolution of capo’s. It removed some fundamental problems like the contact of metal to your guitar when you put it on and the fact that you could not operate it with one hand. And it took the styling to a whole new level.

The G7th Newport 12-string Capo futures at a glance;

  • Easy one-handed adjustment
  • Flip lever design
  • Safeguards your Tone and protects your neck with the inert silicone wrap
  • Faster and easier to use
  • lighter weight and lower profile

Easy finetuning the tension

The G7tth Newport 12-string capo is especially for those among us who like to adjust the tension of their capo with just a simple knob. So you can easily finetune the tension without releasing and reattaching the capo. This design dramatically reduces tuning problems. With this, instruments with high action or 12 strings are no problem anymore. This capo is a flip lever design, where the lower arm secures the capo to the neck of the guitar by means of an over-centre cam. The full-length rubber means you don’t have to adjust the height of the capo before latching. Very simple and effective.

The inert silicone wrap around rubber and internal design not only protects the neck of your guitar, but also eliminate deadening of your tone.

So choosing the G7th Newport 12-string Capo means less time positioning your capo and retuning your guitar. You get to focus on your music, not on your capo!

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