CS 1957 Goldtop Florian Jaeger, Goldtop


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Made as a Gibson Goldtop in Nashville and redone properly by Florian Jaeger in 2014! A great looking and astoundingly resonant guitar! Look at that greenish, gold copper colour and astonishing … Read more


Product Description

Made as a Gibson Goldtop in Nashville and redone properly by Florian Jaeger! A great looking and astoundingly resonant guitar! Look at that greenish, gold copper colour and astonishing aging by Florian! Mouth watering indeed!

Born at Gibson Custom Shop but raised to be a REAL instrument by Florian Jaeger. If you want the best and most convincing looking and sounding Goldtop…this is the one.  If you do not know yet who Florian Jaeger is, look him up! Florian does the ‘Bavarian makeover’ in his workshop in Southern Germany. It does not get much better than this!   Thinner and original style lacquer, very convincingly aged.

The body is made out of a single piece of mahogany topped with a layer of maple on top giving it that signature warm overtone. The neck is made out of another single piece of mahogany but with a solid Indian rosewood fingerboard for smooth playing. These are the same materials that were used on the original so you can rest knowing that this will respond just like an original.

Back before the burst began Gibson still had the Les Paul but your option was a gold top… or a gold top. This CS7 model from the 2015 Gibson Custom Shop line is an amazing heavily aged styled remake of the original with modern building quality standards and hardware. Finished in the same gold top look that was available back in ’57 this guitar has a vintage style that will only get better with time.

Back in 1957 you didn’t really have that many options in how you built a guitar. Yes machine tools were there but you were far more likely to find someone building one of these by hand. With that in mind Gibson made the Les Paul a guitar which has a simple yet elegant design that has captured a whole generation of musicians.

Read what Florian says about his makeover:

I do what the mass-production guitar industry is not able to do – I can give your Les Paul Reissue or Standard the handmade craftsmanship that made the originals so legendary and sought-after. I utilize the same construction techniques and materials used by Gibson during its “golden age” such as hand-carving the necks and using hot hide glue for attaching period- correct fingerboards and setting the necks. I re-carve the maple tops with a scraper to give the top carve the correct vintage contours with the proper amount of “dish”.

How do I know, what’s the “right” top carve? Because I have studied many of the most beautiful originals that have graced my shop over the years. I’ve spent countless hours studying their contours and how they feel in-hand. I’ve even taken the time to carefully measure them.

I reshape the neck to create a full, yet comfortable neck out of a baseball bat. The neck carves of the ‘50s Les Pauls are different than what is available today. Not only were they originally hand-carved, but they had a subtle differences with less “shoulder”.

I use a special nitro-cellulose-lacquer, which is handmade by a small bavarian lacquer manufactory after my specifications. It smells, feels and reacts like a sixty year old finish and is NOT artificially treated.

I use the same aniline-dyes in the pore filler on the mahogany to create the classic appearance of the red color on the back, neck and sides.

I love to give these guitars the look and magic feel of the originals – and don ́t forget that both makeovers will dramatically improve the tonal qualities of your instrument.


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