Groove Tubes Soul-O 75 Head


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Nearly impossible to find! Groove Tubes Soul-O 75 head is a very versatile amp head. Tons of Chime and ranging from clean deep tones to trashy rock sounds, Order now! the photo is stock, this … Read more

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An absolutely rare and amazing amplifier! This is the Groove Tubes Soul-O 75, and amplifier that was manufactured by the same company who’s vacuum tubes are in most consumer market amps these days. This sounds so very good, with all of the chime that is loved from great Fender amps with a deeper and more powerful bottom end. When you move into the drive channel it can go from subtle breakup to Marshall-esque pushed tone even into doomy metal territory. The interesting feature is the blend mode between clean and overdrive, where you get both channels on at the same time and are blended based on the volume of each channel. This allows for some great sonic exploration and uniquely beautiful tone.

This is an incredibly versatile amplifier that can accept 6L6, 5881, EL34 or KT88 power tubes and a speaker impedance selector that allows 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker loads. This amp currently has EL34B tubes and probably produces around 50-55 watts. It has a Class A/B to Class A switch, and a normal to gnarly switch which is only active while in the Class A mode. The normal Class A mode emulates early Fender amp designs (pre 1954) where the power tubes work in unison and so lose about 30% of possible output power and produce more compression. Class A Gnarly a slightly less efficient form of Class A which produces about 10% less than the Class A Normal design. Class A gnarly circuitry emulates the early Vox AC30 amp tone and is even greasier sounding and more compressed. There is a parallel FX loop on the back, when properly set up, this loop allows you to use any digital or analog FX unit blended in parallel with your original dry preamp signal without any sacrifice of tone…which is the case when using a conventional FX loop.

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