JHS Pedals Sweet Tea

JHS Pedals Sweet Tea V2


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Two overdrives in one pedal. Order now and get in total control of your overdriven tones. One of the best overdrives according to our staff! aweome palette of sounds! Read more

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Product Description

The JHS Pedals Sweet Tea is a 2-in-1 medium to high gain overdrive pedal. The left and the right side have their own tone circuit, so it’s like having two separate overdrive pedals next to eachother on your pedalboard.

JHS-808 and Angry Charlie

The right side of the JHS Pedals Sweet Tea contains JHS’ own JHS-808 circuit. It has a smooth-working tone control that is very usable, there’s great response in the low-end and this circuit operates almost noiselessly. With the mini toggle switch on the right, you can select one of three different varieties of gain.

The left side of the pedal is JHS’ popular Angry Charlie overdrive circuit. This overdrive is based on the sound of Marshall JCM-800 amplifiers. With controls for Volume, Drive, Tone and Presence, you can shape your sound to the detail.

With the toggle switch in the middle, you can choose which side of the pedal you want to have in your signal chain first. You can use both circuits combined or separately, so the possibilities are endless.

With the JHS Pedals Sweet Tea, you have 2 overdrive pedals in one practical enclosure. Great, authentic drive sounds and amazing versatility!

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