Klotz Titanium, 6m, Silencer Angled – Straight


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This cable gives infinite tone and perfect silence. Get your sound to the next level! Read more

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Product Description

The next level

KLOTZ wanted to create a cable of such a quality that every nuance of playing, the sensitivity and all the expressions of emotions would leave the amp without any microphonics. But to do that they had to redefine even their own high-end cables. The result is the revolutionary KLOTZ Titanium, taking cables to a level never achieved before.

The KLOTZ Titanium cable futures at a glance;

  • Ultra-dynamic, quick response and superb attention for detail
  • No distortion, delivers superbly balanced sound
  • No phasing, ultra-low signal compression
  • Additional insulation layer eliminates microphonics
  • Unique patented cable design

Quality over a long life

The KLOTZ Titanium is so rugged and solid that it reduces subsonic noise, motion noise, static and interference to negligible levels. In other words, you only hear what you want to hear. All the Titanium cables are produced in Germany and face a number of tests before leaving the factory, making sure you get the lasting quality and outstanding sound your looking for. The people from KLOTZ are even so confident about the Titanium cable (as are we) that they give you a lifetime Guarantee.

So if you want to make sure you get the best sound possible out of your amp, this is your choice!

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