Korg Nuvibe – Vibrato Chorus Effect – special offer!

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The thick wash of Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato is undeniably some of the most transcendent tone ever recorded. Jimi would have loved this! Read more

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The thick wash of Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato that permeates the landmark Band of Gypsys album is undeniably some of the most transcendent tone ever recorded. With its phasey, chorusy, Leslie-sounding goodness, Jimi Hendrix was able to sum- mon startlingly rich textures that sound as if you can actually spoon them out of the speakers.

The Legendary Uni-Vibe Returns!
Korg worked with the developer of the original Uni-Vibe pedal, Fumio Mieda, to bring you the most accurate re-creation ever – the Korg Nuvibe chorus/vibrato effect pedal. You’ll command the pulsating chorus and vibrato effects that practically defined the era of psychedelic rock. With wave sliders to create your own LFO waveforms, and an included expression pedal. Whether you want to emulate the classic tones of your favorite guitarists, or create sounds and textures never heard before, your expectations will be exceeded with the Korg Nuvibe pedal.

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