Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Hand Wired


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Super offer! One of the best soundng overdrives around! Handwired and true bypass! A high-quality, hand made overdrive pedal. Purchase now and enjoy its sweet and musical overdriven sounds. Read more

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Product Description

The Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Hand Wired was hand built in Finland, using only the best components. Inside of the sturdy, honey-colored enclosure, the connections of the electronics were all soldered by hand. Each connection was individually checked afterwards, so Mad Professor has made sure that this pedal can last for decades.


A low gain overdrive pedal, the Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive HW is a very touch sensitive effect. It will respond to the attack of your playing. Hitting the strings of your guitar harder will result in a more intense overdrive, while a softer touch will generate a cleaner sound.

There are three white rotary controls: Volume, Drive and Focus. With Focus, you can adjust the feel and the dynamics of the pedal and determine its overall EQ.

The Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Hand Wired is a true bypass pedal that can be powered by either a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt power supply. It’s a great addition to any pedalboard, so get it now at Max Guitar!

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